Some customers may experience some discomfort, puffy and/or watery eyes after using the Focus Renewal Eye Cream.  This may occur in about 5% of our customers.

The first instinct is to wonder if you have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the eye cream.  But 99.9% of the time, it's not a reaction or sensitivity rather how the cream is being used.

There are 2 reasons why you may be experiencing this reaction

1) Using BOTH Firm and Lift and Focus Renewal Eye Cream around the eyes.

The Firm and Lift contains 15% concentrated Sang Hwang mushroom and the Focus Renewal Eye Cream contains 10% concentrated Sang Hwang mushroom.  If you apply the Firm and Lift and then the Eye cream on top around the eyes, that combined concentration is too much for the eye area.

2) Using the Focus Renewal Eye Cream at night before bed

Most of us tend to toss, turn and rub our eyes during the night without realizing it.  When that happens we end up getting the cream INSIDE the eyes.

This change to your routine will help:

Stop using the eye cream at night, only in the daytime.  Avoid using the Firm and Lift close to eyes, only our cream.  

Try this protocol for 7 days, and you will no longer experience puffy, watery eyes.

If you have any question regarding this issue or this protocol, please contact your personal concierge team at