The feeling or perception that your skin has become “used to” certain skin care products is a very common misconception: it is simply not possible. In medical terms, this is known as “tachyphylaxis” and it describes a sudden decrease in response to medications. Your skin however, cannot become accustomed to the products that you’re using on it. Often, when we start using a new skin care routine, we see very noticeable changes in a short period of time. This is especially true for clients who had previously not been following any specific skin care regimen. After several months of use, many clients forget about the big and impressive changes they saw when they first started the new routine and they think that the products have “stopped working”. In reality, you are now in a phase of maintaining those results and continued use of your skin care routine will keep those changes. Also, it is typical that when we first start a new product or routine we tend to be very diligent and as time goes by, we get out of habit with our routines. That is why consistency in application is so important for maintaining the performance of your skin care treatments!