This is one of our most popular questions and  Yes, absolutely, Saranghae will work for men.  We currently serve a surprisingly large number of male customers.

But to explain how Saranghae works for men, we must answer another question: Is a man's skin really different?

The answer is YES and NO,

A man's skin is different in a number of ways.

1) Skin Thickness

The male skin is about 25% thicker due to testosterone.  A man's skin also initially thins faster than a woman's skin until she reaches menopause (which is on average about 45 years of age and then her skin will then start thinning faster).

2) Collagen Density & Loss of Collagen

Regardless of age, men have a higher collagen density than women (ratio of collagen in the dermis layer relative to the thickness of the skin).  This is the reason men seem to age slower than women until about the age of 45 but then seem to age much faster afterward.  The biggest factor for men is the culture and environment.  Men tend to expose their skin to UV rays without protection in greater volume and do not consider skin care to be important.  By the time visible he sees visible signs of aging it is often too late.

3) Texture

Superficially, the texture of a male skin is very different. The texture for a man is rougher, and the Stratum Corneum is thicker. There is also a difference in the composition of sebum and its production. After puberty, sebum production is greater in males than in females, which is attributed to androgen secretions and accounts for why men have longer lasting acne.  Interestingly, redness, the proliferation of the sebaceous glands and swelling of the skin on the nose, (a condition known as rhinophyma that is found in extreme cases of rosacea) is only seen in males. 

4) More active sweat glands

Males have more Lactic Acid in their sweat, which accounts for a lower pH (.05 lower) and tend to sweat more than women.  The male skin, in general, appears to be better hydrated naturally due to the presence of lactic acid in sweat, which is probably the reason why young men traditionally do not feel the need to hydrate.  However, due to exposure to UV rays without protection and delay in "taking care of one's skin", we've seen more visible signs of aging in younger males.

So we've established the fact that the male skin is different compared to female skin. 

However, the strategy for taking care of one's skin is the same for men and women.  We still need to HEAL the collagen + elastin matrix in the dermis layer, help REGENERATE healthy skin cells and PROTECT the skin for long-term skin health.

Because most men have never practiced a skin care regime, the results will be fairly dramatic, you'll most like see healthy and vibrant skin almost immediately.  For younger men, it's all about introducing a good skin care routine now with Saranghae for preventative measures.

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