The number 3 concern shared by our customers is acne and/or keloid scarring.  Let’s figure out what’s real, what’s not and how we solve this issue.

What are acne/keloid scars?

Damaged skin due to acne or keloids are slightly different but originates from the same process.  When skin is injured, fibrous collagen called scar tissue form over the wound to repair and protect broken skin.  The deeper the injury the larger and more pronounced the scar.

What Causes the scarring?

When skin pores engorge with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, the pores swell causing a break in the follicle wall.  Infected material spills out into the surrounding tissue creating deep lesions in our skin.  Our skin tries to repair these lesions by creating new collagen fibers, but the newly formed skin is never as smooth or flawless as the original.

How will Saranghae Decrease scarring on my skin?

Here’s the simple truth: Your reduce skin scarring by promoting overall skin health.

Healthy skin never goes out of style and it stands the test of time.  Your Saranghae skincare routine will heal acne scarring by promoting overall skin health in 3 core phases.

Phase 1: Clean + Repair + Heal

First, we thoroughly cleanse your skin of impurities, dead skin, oil and bacteria that interfere with our skin’s healing process.  At the same time, our core nutrients help control the overproduction of melanin.

Phase 2: Efficient Skin Cell Regeneration

We deliver essential antioxidants, amino acids, regenerative peptides, adenosine, hyaluronic acid and host of other delicious nutrients through natural botanicals directly to the skin cell melanocyte.  In other words, we help with the regeneration of healthy new cells.

Phase 3: Protect, Protect, Protect

We will help form a protective boundary around the outermost layer of your skin AND around your skin cells by strengthening the skin cell membrane.
Maintaining optimal skin cell health is far more effective than always trying to fix problems.

You will see a very noticeable reduction in hyperpigmentation within 45 days.


1. Complete 5-Step Routine
2. Perfect Balance Toner (for pH control)
3. Pore Refining Charcoal Mask (deep pore cleansing)

10 Botanical Ingredients for acne & keloid scars

Sang Hwang mushroom
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. 
• Contains Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K. 
• Called the “healing mushroom” in Korea

Tea Tree & Korean Marigold Flower –
• High anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  Helps reduce redness, irritation and reduces acne breakouts while delivering incredibly soft skin

Black Truffle
• Known to greatly help calm acne prone skin.  Essential amino acids and vitamins to help revitalize skin cells.

Pulsatilla Koreana
• High anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties.  Calms skin from inflammation

Activated Charcoal
• Absorbs impurities & clogged oils from pores.  Minimizes the size of pores

Black Truffle
• Calms acne prone skin.  Essential amino acids and vitamins to help revitalize skin cells.

• Soothes inflamed, sensitive and irritated skin.

• The calming influence on the skin, helps our body adapt to stress and restore healthy pH balance. 

Hyaluronic Acid
• Helps retain skin cell moisture.  Essential for healthy collagen + elastin matrix

• Helps heal and regenerate healthy skin cells

• Reduces hyperpigmentation and formation of uneven skin tone by controlling melanin production

Green Tea
• Abundant in high potency antioxidants that help reduce skin cell damage due to oxidative stress and free radicals

Formulated For 6 Core Skin Types

• Normal
• Dry
• Oily
• Combination
• Sensitive
• Acne Prone