Within the first 10 days of using Saranghae’s Complete 5-Step Routine you can expect to:

  1. Win the lottery
  2. Run the Boston marathon in under an hour
  3. Enjoy a fabulous 3-hour lunch with George Clooney
Just kidding...

We’re good, but we’re not that good!

So what results can you expect to see with Saranghae?

First, let’s start with what we won’t do for you.  We won’t erase your wrinkles in 5 minutes and we won’t promise overnight miracles. 

If this is what you want from Saranghae, please contact our customer care team and we’ll refund your purchase immediately.

Our mission is to give you long-term skin health.  That is why we don’t use popular synthetic ingredients like Retin-A (a chemical form of Retinol). 

We don’t want to get into specifics here but there’s a reason why Retin-A is a prescription only compound.  You can learn more about it from this article from the beauty editor magazine.

You’re probably more interested in the glorious end results and we’ll get to that, but let’s start with an explanation of how we achieve our kick-butt results. The Saranghae’s Complete 5 Step Routine breaks down the process into 3 distinct steps, and it occurs in 15-day increments for most folks. 

Notice we didn’t say, women?  Because it works for men as well.

Phase 1: Clear Out the Gunk & Heal (Day 1 to 15)

We’re going to get a bit technical here but bear with us because science is important. 

To build a house, one must first clear the land and start with a solid foundation. 

We clean all layers of your skin (the dermis & epidermis) of free radicals that cause oxidative stress.  This is really important because oxidative stress is what causes your skin cells to lose their regenerative functions.  At the same time, our core nutrients start to repair and strengthen the collagen + elastin matrix deep inside your dermis layer. The collagen + elastin matrix is important because it’s the column underneath your skin that lifts everything up.  Wrinkles are what you see when that matrix crumbles.

In the first 15 days, some of you will see drastic change especially if your skin was begging for some love.  Many of you won’t see visible changes but trust us it’s working diligently.  All of you will feel clean, hydrated and your skin will look brighter.

Phase 2: Efficient Skin Cell Regeneration (Day 16 to 30)

We’re not saying Saranghae will create brand new skin cells, that would break all known laws of physics! 

We deliver essential antioxidants, amino acids, regenerative peptides, adenosine, hyaluronic acid and host of other delicious nutrients through natural botanicals directly to your skin cells. 

In other words, we remove all roadblocks that hinder healthy cell function and give it high octane fuel.  At this stage, you will start to see a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles and reduction is spots/pigmentation.  You will also see a more even complexion and a big dose of fabulousness! (is that a word?)

Phase 3: Build a Layer of Protection (Day 30 to 45)

Protect! Protect! Protect!  Turn away those nasty free radicals at the door and keep them out. 

During phase 3, we will help form a protective boundary around the outer most layer of your skin and around your skin cells.

At this stage you will see major improvements in all aspects of skin health:

  1. Diminished fine lines and wrinkles? Check!
  2. A more refined pore structure? Check!
  3. Firmer of sagging skin around the eyes and neck area? Check!  
  4. Brighter skin that glows in the dark?  Check! (well maybe not in the dark)
  5. Overall healthy skin that will last the test of time?  (check! and double check!)
Check out the before and after photos submitted by our customers, untouched and unsolicited.

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