Here’s how it works.

Purchase the Complete 5-Step Membership Bundle on your 1st purchase and you save $30 on the Complete 5-Step Bundle immediately. Every 45 days you will receive a new Complete 5-Step bundle and you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of the details. With our built in loyalty discounts, you will see even more savings on subsequent deliveries. This is how we say thanks to our loyal customers.

Details for The Complete 5 Step Bundle:

1st Order: $189
2nd Order (45 day from 1st Order): $169
3rd Order (45 days from 2nd Order): $149
4th and all subsequent orders: $149

Remember there is no cost to joining the VIP membership program and there are no hidden fees to pause or cancel. You have the complete freedom to change, pause or cancel at any time. Just for reference, 8 out of 10 customer choose our Membership Bundles.